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Party "The Greens" - with as many manipulations in organizing pe

Party "The Greens" - with most treatments for organizing subscriptions

The biggest manipulators in organizing subscriptions are party "The Greens" and its accompanying structures "Let Nature Remain in Bulgaria", "Green Balkans" and WWF Bulgaria. It said in a statement Tsanov Philip, president of Natsionalnagrazhdanskakoalitsiya "Prirodazahorata and regions."
In all these organizations - one party, the other two NGOs involved the same people. Depending on their interests present speaker of civil society and the entire non-governmental sector, and when they see fit stand behind party projects. Due to the modest representation in the last election, only 0.73%, about 26,000 votes from party "The Greens" prefer to conduct their campaigns disguised as authentic civil protests, mainly related to ecology and environmental protection, says Philip Tsanov.
The protests in defense of Rila, Vitosha, Pirin, the Black Sea, Strandzha, dunes and lately hysteria around Karadere are actually disguised political campaigns that clearly intensify before elections. Last year the same thing happened before the parliamentary elections, when sincere spontaneous protest against high electricity bills was assigned by the Greens to make their political agitation.
Their usual practice is to collect the signatures of election points organized by the Greens are leading slogans to save Rila, Strandzha or Vitosha, and indeed people signed the petition of the party "The Greens" for elections. Another common priom is where they 'promotional posts, most of St. Patriarch Evtimii (Popa) to conduct spontaneous "civil" protests that scale are reflected by all the media, but always in the frame are leaders of the Party and the logo of the party "Green". The same thing happened a few days ago on Palm Sunday. At sites serving green - Dnevnik, Offnews and Mediapool coyly noted that "Green Organization will hold a charity concert in Central Park, in defense of Karadere," commented Philip Tsanov. Claiming for professionals in these publications should be aware that such an organization does not exist greens. There are several green parties have a green mafia, green octopus green racketeers, green h ... .tsi but such green organization has said Tsanov.
The scheme worked again. All television and print media covered the concert in defense of Karadere but the main idea is seen on the attached picture where visible election posters of the party "The Greens". Again political event was disguised using noble cause, says Tsanov.