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Protests against the "green racketeering"

Protests against the "green blackmail" in the Black Sea Municipalities


For years, a group of "environmentalists" already orchestrated several governments a series of rules, texts and changes in laws concerning the Black Sea, to the detriment of residents, to the detriment of our most profitable sector Tourism and create enormous obstacles to its development. However, those "environmentalists" by riots and various schemes and techniques occupy our lands, our mountains, our lakes and our nature, drove investors from the Black Sea and hinder business in the sea. From their impure actions and "green racketeering" affected each Black Sea municipality!

On Sunday, residents of the municipalities of Dolni Chiflik, White, Nessebar, Pomorie, Burgas, Sozopol, Primorsko and Tsarevo and the National Association "Black Sea" will come out on places of protest to assert equitable civil rights.

Our only goal that day was to show that "the Black Sea is not green." We want to stop the invaders on our land, stop illegal camping on beaches, forests and reserves. Categorically reject the proposed changes in ZUCHK of MP Svetlin Tanchev - concerning the prohibition of construction up to 2 km. and 100 m. of coastline (zone "A" zone and "B").

Sunday - 30.03.2014g., Will show Bulgaria that we are heirs to a centuries-old history and we can protect our own lands, investments, buildings, saltpans, mountains, lakes raids "green" invaders. We say, "No," green "pocket interests! If we ourselves do not help and protect their rights as citizens, no one did.

Sunday will raise his voice to prove its willingness to intolerance towards "green conductors on the Black Sea, which are trying to wipe out poverty and humiliation!

Initiative committees locally reported time and place of the protest:

Initiative Committee Dolni Chiflik - 9:30 on the main road Burgas-Varna on the territory of. Staro Oryahovo;
Initiative Committee Byala - 10:00 on the main road Burgas-Varna road to the city center. White;
Initiative Committee Nessebar municipality - city. Obzor - 10:00 the main road Burgas-Varna in the square opposite the post office in the town. Overview;
Initiative Committee Nessebar municipality - town. Nessebar - Sunny Sunny Beach -12: 00 pm on the main road Burgas-Varna road fork to the town. Nessebar;
Initiative Committee Pomorie Municipality - 13:00 on the main road Burgas-Varna within checkpoint Pomorie.
National Association "Bulgarian Black Sea coast and nomination committee Pomorie municipality by letter informed the Agency Road Infrastructure that during the protest main road Burgas-Varna will be blocked.

Initiative Committee municipality of Burgas - 14:00 in front of District Administration;
Initiative Committee Sozopol municipality - will provide additional information;
Initiative Committee Primorsko municipality - 15:00 on the main road Burgas-Tsarevo opposite the entrance of the town. Primorsko;
Initiative Committee Tsarevo Municipality - 15:30 on the main road Burgas-Tsarevo at the entrance of the town. Tsarevo station.
With respect:
Board of
National Association "Bulgarian Black Sea"