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Pseudoecologists steal electricity and water to Coral

              Pseudoecologists steal electricity and water to Coral
* Chobanov's "buffalo" traps destroy the dunes of cars and caravans
* Private ERPs supply the steak camp, drain water from the common water supply
* They get 100 pounds a season from illegal caravan fees
* 100 tons of junk per year bustling out of the beach, nobody wants to pay the bill
Pseudoecologists steal electricity and water, dispose of tons of waste and literally destroy the dunes near Coral. A year and a half after, as a result of the NGO's voice campaign, "To keep Coral" the beach was listed in the Black Sea Coast Planning Act as one of the three in the country reserved for environmentally friendly tourism, the place has become a feudal possession of people Related to the same association. The group has occupied both the protected beach and the private property right above it, which is currently afforested with 70% dunes, standing well. Both the state, the municipality and the utility companies, as well as their own camps - ordinary campsites, from which they collect stays for stays without any right. The company that owns the property has officially declared to the municipality that it does not use it and must not owe money for electricity, water or waste. A year ago, from the Water Supply and Sewerage Company - Bourgas, they closed the water batch. The same was reported to the local authorities and EVN. At the same time, the entire forest is now covered with cables and hoses, and even satellite dishes, a check on the Monitor Agency showed.
The story would have been unbelievable if it was not a dazzling of a familiar storyline, always developing with the participation of the Green Granadji Octopus in the country supported by the scandalous racketeering site "Bivolli". Pseudo-ecologists splash out a territory where they see a potential source of funding and start campaigns to make it virtually impossible to build even the shed on it, either by taking a goat with Natura 2000 or the dune. In the specific case, the second trump was used.
In addition, editor-in-chief Atanas Chobanov is an official member of the Coral Conservation Association, and the entire media campaign on the announcement of the beach in a territory for environmentally friendly tourism was published by Bivolli. The links are far from accidental because the NGO is one of the connecting units between the political, granadji and media faces of the oligarchy in our country. Apart from Chobanov, they are also one of the vocal members of the oligarchic party formation "Yes (J), Bulgaria" - Kiril Petkov, known as Harvard, as well as the former concessionaire at the beach Atanas Rusev. The lawyer of the dead dolphins, as the latter is known for his TV appearances, with which he throws dust in the eyes of the public so that he does not see what is happening to Coral, is not listed in the NGO's management, but appears to be The main media chief of the association.
The marriage of this company to Coral is far from being based on their ambition to preserve nature. According to unofficial data from the site of the season, at least 100 dollars are earned. It is not clear who is collecting these amounts, but they certainly do not go to the state or municipal treasury. According to local money information, they sink into the pockets of a group of pseudo-ecologists who are associated with "Keeping Coral", which, on the pretext of protecting nature, is collecting the "fees" of soldiers, caravans and tents on one of the most famous beaches Us. A taxi should not and can not have two reasons. On the one hand, the forest above the beach is private and sums can only be claimed by its owners. On the other hand, the beaches reserved for nature-friendly tourism are not legally concessionary, nor are there fees for staying in the strip. This does not prevent "Coral" from proclaiming himself a "landlord" on the beach, as on the strip and in the woods there are signs of the "rules" for stay, branded with the name of the NGO. The "rules" in question are, by and large, violated by the bribing followers of the association.
According to the rough accounts of the Tsarevo examiners, the grove behind the sand of the controversial Coral generates a huge sum of 100 pounds for only one season. Fortunately, the campsites have been collecting sums between $ 1,000 and $ 2,000 to bite all summer. It turns out that this price is very attractive, because for a regulated campsite of the places set by the law, the concessioners want at least 2-3 times higher prices. The Coral Fee includes the right to set up an illegal camp in the grove to the beach, and a connection with electricity and water - once again delivered in an illegal way.
"I officially tell you that there is nothing legal"
Is the brief comment, synthesizing the situation, of Tsarevo Mayor Georgi Lapchev, whose initiative last year, half a dozen institutions made checks in the summer of Coral. He even appealed to the Prosecutor's Office for the illegal activities carried out on the site, but the state prosecution did not manage to find out who was the chief organizer of the theft and water theft scheme. The reason is that when they question the holidaymakers who took over the forest, how they were tied to utilities, they claim to one that they pay regularly - to a man named Vasco. Who is the mythical Vasco, however, is not clear yet. Among the permanent bulls of the Coral, there are two famous by this name - the musician Vassil Gurov and the Survivor participant Vassil Petkov, but is there one of them and does such a person exist or is used as a screen for the real organizers of the scheme, So far no answer.
And while half a dozen institutions are looking for the answer to this question, a walk around the area shows a misery that risks even burning
The campers and tents have built a primitive infrastructure to supply them with stolen electricity and water. Several chemical toilets are located in the grove, and almost every caravan can see both a satellite dish and a huge pile of household rubbish. Electricity networks on trees or under the sand are unprotected. For example, in the property of every hundred meters you can see a wired tree, from which dozens of wires with electricity flow. To protect the construction, the "masters" have placed on the cables a cut plastic bottle to act as a protective cover in case of rain. The cables are moving from the branches on the ground to the camper without ever being secured. The entire structure is based on an old power grid that supplies the pioneer camp that has not existed for years. Although it has long been in history, last year's checks made it clear that the electricity batch was active, so the municipality sent a letter to EVN to close it (see box). However, electricity remains, and it is unclear whether the only source is the pioneer camp, or part of the network does not get electricity, and from the neighboring Yug camping, which, unlike the Coral, is regulated and there is a power supply.
Part of the wires in this direction were buried directly in the sand, which in the summer heated to red. Thus, at higher temperatures it is possible to melt the insulation of the cables and actually run on the wet sand. Since the water batch had been canceled, the bivouachers were connected to one of the central waterworks again, again totally illegal. For that purpose, a hunting rifle was firing a connection to the pipe, and from there the caravans were hooked to the water supply with hoses.
In addition to the theft and water theft, the coral mines in the Coral rush the treasury and do not pay for garbage collection from the area. Every year, roughly 100 tons of garbage was collected from the region, for which no one wanted to pay. On the one hand, the owners of the property sent a letter that they did not use it and therefore should not owe these sums. On the other hand, holidaymakers said they did not want to pay a tourist tax, the purpose of which was to secure funds for the waste disposal, as they cleaned the waste themselves. However, reality shows that there are a dozen containers that are constantly transported from the municipality. In addition, the campsites have turned two of the gullies in the area into improvised landfills, which drain into the sea. Thus every year the municipality of Tsarevo spends on its own expense huge sums on the collection of waste from the water and the cleaning of the forest.
EVN checks the batch
Monitor Agency made a formal inquiry to the EHW asking whether the batch of the non-existent pioneer camp had been closed down and when did this happen and subsequent checks were made as to whether there was no illegal grid and theft of electricity. The press center of the company asked for a few days to search for the data and promised a response today.
They strip the fence of the property so they will not be chased
The craftsmen who blast on Coral or some of the organizers of the illegal camping ruin the fence of the property in which the campers and tents are located. This is why the investigators from Tsarevo reported to the Monitor Agency.
At present, the plot to the beach is documented by the Regio - owned by the Spanish investors "Iberdrola". The property was bought by the foreigners for the purpose of building a villa settlement. However, due to protests by environmentalists, the investment has been frozen for now, and the property should not be used for documents. In fact, however, the plot is literally occupied by dozens of bivouachers who have pitched tents, caravans and even their cars just off the beach, and somewhere directly on the dunes of the seaside.
Due to the entry of holidaymakers into the territories of the private property, the police have been sent repeatedly to a checkpoint. It turned out, however, that the cops could not establish the exact boundaries of the private terrain and evict the self-settled in it, because the plot is not fenced and there are no signs that the property is private. There were no barriers since they were destroyed every time almost immediately after they were placed by the owner, the investigators told. The bivouacers, on the other hand, went out with the explanation that they did not know that the terrain was private, precisely because of the lack of barriers.
Rusev is a former beach concessionaire
The face of "Keeping Coral" Atanas Rusev is actually a former beach concessionaire. In the period from 2009 to the beginning of 2013, he managed the band through the company, which was then a co-owner, Ryde Extreme. It has also become a major driver of the campaign against plans to build a holiday village over the beach - not because of ecosystems, but because of the danger of losing its concession by being aided in the Bivolli war. And although the project for a holiday village is frozen, after it becomes clear that there are dunes in the property of "Iberdrola", his contract was finally terminated for violations, for which he also imposed a fine of BGN 29 179 from MRDPW. Then Roussev puts an entire avalanche of open letters in which he explains that he is leaving his business numb to prove that it's all been dusting in the eyes. Thanks to the text for beaches, a reserved area for nature-friendly tourism and, in particular, the vagueness of who is responsible for them, "Keeping Coral is a landowner, and Roussev again gets the opportunity to dictate the rules there.
Greenpeople have e400 million subsidies, want to manage the Natura 2000 area alone
More than 400m euros have been sinking into the pockets of ecological organizations in Bulgaria. The money came from EU programs and was distributed during the last programming period 2007 - 2014, according to the estimates of the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast National Association.
In an open letter from the organization they say that a major part of the money is intended for use along the so-called Natura 2000 zone. Because of the disputes surrounding the protected area, the Green Organizations managed to break down almost all common structural codes on the territory of the native Black Sea, which identified the construction sites and those whose main purpose is the conservation of nature. A process is underway for the adoption of new MSDs, as well as a discussion at the MOEW on the question of who should manage "Natura 2000"
According to the NABBS, the opinion of the handful of extremely green NGOs is that the management is carried out by the MoEW and its structures - the RIEW, with a key role to play in the coalition of green NGOs. It is deliberately ruled out that owners have ownership of properties that fall into a Natura 2000 protected area., Green NGOs do not own property, donate to biodiversity and do not produce biodiversity, but only beneficiaries of European and Bulgarian finances dedicated to biodiversity.
"This approach is strictly centralized and represents the semi-nationalization of properties - during the communist era, the cooperative farms (cooperative farms). And the role of the BCP, then governing the cooperative farms, is now to be implemented by the coalition of green NGOs, "they write in an open letter from the association.
As the procedure for adoption and drafting of opinions of the various Natura 2000 stakeholders is currently underway, the NABBS have signaled that the pseudo-green people have literally built a manufac- ture for opinions among their people
The principle was elementary - one opinion refers to all who just sign it and then send it to the ministry as its own.
"Copy / Paste and one person with 15 emails - 15 opinions. Obviously the aim is for the Minister to read the same text to fit the same text to make sure he memorized it. The next step is most likely to be from the variety "We are very, we are strong," are indignant with NABBS. They also challenge the Green proposals themselves, as according to the NAMB, the proposed unified structure governing national and natural parks is directly subordinated to pseudo-ecologists.
"Toma Belev is still chairman of the Association of Nature Parks, at first instance the court has rejected the decision of the Association of Nature Parks, which Toma Belev is elected for the second time as chairman of the Association of Nature Parks. A very convenient approach, supposedly state, but to Toma Belev ", are categorical from NADC.
This article is published without editorial intervention by NABBS
Source: Monitor Agency - Sunday, 16-07-2017
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