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NO to the robbery in region Mladost Sofia city

We the members of NABBS not share and reject the desire of groups of people to request for a nationalization in the Republic of Bulgaria.
Protests of living in Sofia against private property is a gross violation of constitutional order in Bulgaria.
  Slogans such as "we do not want concrete and want Polyana" can be targeted only public state properties with permanent destination "field" if the state has decided to built up.
  Violation of private property will lead to slogans like "we do not want companies and their money."
  Living in apartment buildings surrounding the private land are not paid for the land on which they built their homes, which does not mean you have the right to continue not to pay for foreign land ownership.
Rather than raise revolutions, to raise the necessary funds to purchase the field for which they are interested to donate to the municipality to be put in by it as "meadow".
  The other option is normal - Finance Minister in the state budget or the mayor of Sofia by Sofia Municipality budget, agree with the owner to buy the field.
All other methods of acquisition and management of foreign ownership, are called: nationalization or theft.
  If the trend of acquiring and managing foreign owned with the excuse of "public interest" is correct, then the people living in the Gypsy neighborhoods have the right to protest in front of the same apartment blocks with the slogan "we do not want hovels, and we want concrete" .A occupiers units must submit their apartments protesters because this is the "public interest."
That the mayor has issued resp documents LAW - BRAVO !!!
The party rose this district mayor has requested his resignation because it did not comply with "public opinion" and by law - shame !!!
   Revolutionary-minded "public" caused the yellow brick "money from the budget for us, and the laws they" will have the right and the ruling party will have to comply with "public sentiment".
   Treasury is full of danatsi.Danatsite them pay private companies and workers in tyah.Povecheto investors means more money for pensions, child allowances and ploshtadki.Darzhava investors without producing poverty, but poverty destroys unemployment.
Here's how it works:
In the village of "X" 10 years ago there were 800 inhabitants, now with 50 inhabitants all pensioners statistics reported 0% unemployment.
Poverty has forced people of working age to emigrate to another country to work, thus poverty has helped village "X" currently have 0% unemployment.
  We NABCH insist that the state should not declare the European principles and to prilaga.Tezi not want to live according to European principles may emigrate to Asia as the DPRK.
Mayor of Sofia Mrs. Fandakova not driven by the "public sentiment" and
be guided by the law.
Resigned Mayor of Mladost, to withdraw his resignation and remain in his post.
Mladost residents who wish to have a "meadow" but are not willing to pay for her to return to the picturesque Bulgarian villages, now depopulated, which have not only many meadows, but also immense yards.
Members of NABBS