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Swallowed half a million to ... hamsters!

Emil Georgiev, leader of the "Eco-Glasnost", swallowed half a million to ... hamsters!
Outrageous - the cost of one lev suyak 2,500 a month!


Political Club "Ecoglastnost" is the first authentic environmental organization in Bulgaria, the successor to the Committee for Environmental Protection in Ruse. The leader of the club Emil Georgiev told our reporter that they were outraged to the bottom of his soul by the actions of the so-called. Green, who used his entire arsenal of NGOs in the NGO "environmental" sector for personal gain.

- What is the deal that you want to alert?

- The fact that these so-called. Green dealing with ecology only to line their pockets by stripping the state and European environmental funds both through projects and through ecological racketeering.


- What exactly you are talking about?

- Group of which I speak is known in Bulgaria as "Green octopus" of ecological association "Green Balkans". Deliberately and for a purpose it has expanded its activities through environmental associations "For the Earth" and "Let Nature Remain in Bulgaria". Over time, their economic appetites grew politically, creating not without the assistance of notorious businessman Ivo Prokopiev and political party "The Greens". The basis of these "green" are a group of persons bound together by common interests.


- Who are they will tell you their names?

- Of course, this is first chairman of "Green Balkans" and "Association of Parks in Bulgaria" Toma Belev and his wife Merry Kavrakova representative of WWF - World Wide Fund for Nature. The other is Andrey Kovachev, Chairman of the Association "For the Earth" and former co-chairman of the party "green" and his wife Catherine Rakovska - also from WWF. The third is Petko Kovachev - a member of the coalition "For the Nature in Bulgaria" and the party "green" and Petko Tsvetkov Foundation "Biodiversity". This range of related parties is trying to pose as the only and most significant person of the environmental community in Bulgaria.


- You say "environmental racketeering" - what is behind this?

- Racketeering is done through the participation of Andrey Kovachev in the High Ecological Expert Council at the Ministry of Environment and Water, and Ekaterina Rakovska as a member of the Monitoring Committee of the operational program "Environment". Another important factor in this racket is Toma Belev from "Association of Parks in Bulgaria." These "green" finance themselves by putting pressure and influence on all investment projects in Bulgaria, whether private or public.


- Will the concrete example?

- Yes of course! Obviously for example how "Green Balkans" absorb funds from EU programs through the project for breeding hamsters in the region of Sliven. This notorious project won by Sliven Park "Blue Stones" and realized by the "Green Balkans" is worth 500 000 Levs. Money from Europe and are under Operational Programme "Environment". According to the plan he implemented a three-year high in two areas with a total area of ​​230 hectares.


- What are you saying - who needs today to breed hamsters?

- Souslik are just an excuse for the plundering of money. The draft stipulates that the whole area will be cleared with chainsaws of two people for 10 months. The second stage includes a note shaping the two pastures of two herds of 200 sheep ...


- What do sheep Sousliks?

- This is the most interesting, but do not be laughing! So Sheep must destroy the grass of this vast area to ... create conditions for Sousliks !!!


- After all who needed those notorious hamsters?

- On two whole families Griffon Vultures imported from Spain. And they were imported on another project - to keep birds of prey, which allocated money to another program. So far unknown how many and who received them ...


- And what - you cleaned flocks field for Sousliks?

- Our audit found that herds are not earned in areas more than a month because of the shepherds they become bored and have them picked up.


- Do you have any idea what you actually spent the money?

- What I can say is that only the transfer of Sousliks if ever there was such a transfer is worth about 50 000 Levs. In the bill included and prices jeep with a trailer. Contractors say they have caught about 200 souslik, but who fished them, where - is unclear. Moreover, it is not known whether these areas today have at least one ground squirrel. However However, the project includes construction of two pens, two watchtowers and an information center. Can you imagine - an information center in favor of Sousliks! ...


- Why and watchtowers?

- How why - to monitor Sousliks ... Anyway - the project has already realized funds - utilized remains to be done external audit.


- So will count Sousliks. Even if you have them, how will they spend out of their holes to count them?

- I do not know that. But I know something else - real account shows that the cost of one survivor souslik cost about 2,500 lev per month. Such as maintenance of the 20 Bulgarian pensioners! Not sure if the whole world is happier than our native ground squirrels ...

An interview - Todorka Nikolova