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The tricks of T.Belev goes on

"Naglost made in Bulgaria. After the Supreme twice determined Toma Belev for illegitimate representative of the Association of Parks, now he tries to enter the main staff of the SCEE MoEW precisely as such. I doubt there are many other countries where they are rewarded with important public office, if you can lie and false documents that the boss of association of state structures. In our country, not only will they investigate and denounce as such being smart, but even I will appoint to "watch" and "control" billions of euros (we all know how public money is monitored and controlled private projects in BG $$$). I recall that Belev was already outrageous member of the interdepartmental commission of the SEEC and two NGOs run by his wife, the wife of another green Party comrade and treasurer of PP Greens cradling this year nearly one million lev from the Ministry of Environment to analyze the laws. Even London's lawyers in the City would envy such commissions but with us paw goes quiet when the man, the best man or your mistress are government jobs. Entangled as pig intestines! "
NABCH verified and proved true that a second decision of the SAC - member panel, which confirmed the final decision of the SAC that T. Belev not the manager of the Association of Parks.
NABCH verify that T. Belev as a representative of the Association of Parks, has applied for membership Supreme Expert Environmental Council. For now MEW is not rejected, but not confirmed his candidacy and has requested additional documents ?????
Mashal affair !!! - Speaking of "pure Bulgarian language".
This once again proves that green octopus has become one of the biggest adopters of state and Euro money.