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The Dunes and the difficult questions of the investors


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Vladimir Karolev complained that in his capacity as advisor to the Minister Bozidar Lukarski after scandal in the camping "Coral" and "South" had to answer uncomfortable questions of foreign investors. "My job as adviser to the Economy Minister is to attract investors in Bulgaria. But how to do it, say, in this situation ?! Investaitori call me and say, 'You told us that you are very "Investment Frendo," Now what happens? "Laments Karolev.
He admitted that on the dunes can not be built, but on the beaches were built from time immemorial and the law does not forbid it, but imposes restrictions: "Buildings with height up to 2.7 meters can be built on private property because the beach dune is state owned and there generally can not build. But it that within 100 meters of the sea is not built - forget! ".
According to Karolev only 7% of the Black Sea, according to Google Maps was built. "Overbuilt only in Sunny Beach, Albena, Golden Sands, etc. Otherwise, there are places where it can be built - as long as it is private property! "He was adamant.
Once the maps of dunes and beaches for years still are not ready, investors must notify the regional directorates of the Ministry of Environment and Water (MEW) for any construction near protected areas.
Source: Nova TV
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