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About the idea of creating National Park Black Sea

In Burgas debate on the creation of a national park "Black Sea"
Source: Agency "Focus"
In Burgas debate on the creation of a national park "Black Sea" Picture: "Focus" Burgas. In Burgas debate on the creation of a national park "Black Sea", a reporter of Radio "Focus" - Burgas. This time, experts, representatives of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and deputy. -ministarat of Environment and Waters Atanas Kostadinov were expelled from the hall discussion in the district administration, although this time the passions had not grown cold. The discussion was guarded by three police officers who came to the following countries do not get out of control. The mayor of Pomorie Ivan Alexiev was clear he was against the creation of such a park like their colleagues from Sozopol, Primorsko and Tsarevo, definitely not like to listen to the presentations. Speaking to reporters before the meeting, he said that the deadline for submission of survey experts BAS to create the park and the conduct of such public debate has already expired and in his words, this discussion is illegitimate. According to him, Pomorie municipality has always been against the idea. "More interesting is another that even this presentation is illegitimate. On July 11, 2013 the decision of the National Assembly and was given a period of one year, and now we 15 July 2015. MEW just let her now and as they are "for", there are deadlines to be respected, "said Ivan Alexiev. According to him, to have such debates should take a new decision by the new National Assembly, but this will be in another government. Mayor of Nessebar Nikolay Dimitrov also disagreed with the creation of such a future national park "Black Sea". He said that such initiatives always municipalities have affected as within the park are scheduled to enter municipal and private land.

According to citizens, public discussion on the establishment of the park "Black Sea" in time is disrespect for society
Source: Agency "Focus"
According to citizens, public discussion on the establishment of the park "Black Sea" in time is disrespectful to obshtestvotoSnimka: Municipality BurgasBurgas. According to Deputy Minister of Environment Atanas Kostadinov, discussing the survey to create a national park "Black Sea" is legitimate, as given by the National Assembly periods are optional, but recommended, a reporter of Radio "Focus" - Burgas. According to Kostadinov, the debate should have to hear different opinions. According to him, this is not the true ecological debate about the creation of the national park and the debate on this research by experts from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Until the establishment of the park has to go for some time and is useful to hear different opinions and arguments "for" and "against" it. According to him, the idea of ​​MPs took the decision to study for a future national park "Black Sea" is sustainability in the development of the region and the relationship nature - man. According to Deputy Minister Kostadinov, ecology, economics and social policy are three elements of sustainable development. Most in the room, however, said there is nothing to discuss, since most of the views and the Black Sea including mayors are against the construction of the park. Todor Georgiev association "Black Sea" asked whether to keep proper records of the debate in order not to receive subsequent manipulation and said that the National Assembly has no grounds for the creation of such a park, and if no motives "nothing had been head National Assembly - absolutely nothing, "said Georgiev. Nikolay Gospodinov from White, who was late for the discussion, said that this discussion is the least disrespect for local people to hear what they have to tell them from the environment ministry in time should elapse 100 km to Bourgas. "Is this your respect to local people," said Gospodinov. He said that for an hour have collected a petition with over 200 signatures of residents of White and opinions against this park. Their opinions will be submitted to the ministry of ecology.,174477/