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NABBS provided the Bulgarian media with an analysis of the lies spoken by environmentalists and several scientists on a draft law amending and supplementing the Biodiversity Act concerning the ecological network of protected areas NATURA 2000 in Bulgaria. The draft law was published for public discussion at the ministry's environment and water website. More information about it read HERE



"Neoliberal extremists -" environmentalists "and a handful of" scientists "of the public debate organized by MOEW on the amendments to the Law of Biological Diversity that introduce the management of Natura 2000 sites, demanded the nationalization of 35% of the territory of Bulgaria and the management that must be implemented With the Bolshevik approaches.

Why are these people lying?

1. The Natura 2000 area is not an abstract concept, but it is part of the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria. This native Bulgarian land wants you to own it without paying it and administer it for the benefit of other countries from which you receive money.

2. The government should be forced to devote a small part of the Bulgarian budget to neoliberal extremists: "ecologists" and a handful of "scientists". The budget of the Republic of Bulgaria is raised by the taxes of the Bulgarian citizens and is provided for pensions, social assistance, medical care, training, defense, etc.

3. The appropriation of 35% of the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria is an annex of creep of pure sample. The creation of a new state reserve, "Jurassic Park", as director Andrei Slabakov called it, from the territory of our country, threatens national security.

How are they lying?

1. Neoliberal extremists and self-styled "ecologists" say that only the Minister of Environment and Water will designate and administer Natura 2000 zones. That's a lie! The black and white Directives establish that the state, not the NGOs, designates and manages the protected areas in the Natura 2000 network. The Minister of Environment and Water is the competent authority of the State. In the proposed amendments to the law, the CONSULTATIVE council is created by state agencies. This is a document that shows that the government is not a single person.

2. The same neoliberal extremists who want to crawl on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria say that the proposed amendments contradict the Constitution and European directives. That is a lie!
In a letter received on 6 February 2019 by the European Commission to a large group of industry organizations in their request for the management of Natura 2000 sites,

"As regards the different ways of organizing the Natura 2000 management system, they are the responsibility of the Member State and are not defined by the European Commission."

This is direct evidence from the European Commission that the determination of the administration of Natura 2000 sites by the STATE respects and does not violate European directives.

We do not comment on their violation of the Constitution because they do not specify it, and the body responsible for compliance with the Constitution is the constitutional court, not the "conservation of nature" NGOs.

3. Neoliberal extremists lie about the creation of a Scientific Advisory Board. MOEW documents write "Advisory Council".

The Advisory Board is set up to comply with European directives that say conservation measures for the management of Natura 2000 sites meet economic, social and cultural requirements, as well as regional and local specificities. "

European documents show that the economy, social status, culture and local peculiarities are leaders. They are not leading "nature conservation" NGOs and a group of "scientists" because they are not interested parties.

The place of serious scientists is to provide scientific information to the state, so it is written in the notorious European directives.

4. The next lie is that the amendments to the Law of Biological Diversity refer to the protected areas of Bulgaria.

The Biodiversity Law is a law on protected areas. The Protected Areas in Bulgaria are governed by a separate law: the Law on Protected Areas, at present there is no proposal to amend it.

5. Lies that the amendments to the BDA are directed against "nature conservation organizations". The LBD is not a law on non-governmental organizations, so its changes can not affect or support NGOs. The Law on Non-Governmental Organizations in Bulgaria is the Law of Non-Profit Legal Entities. Currently, no changes to this law are proposed.

6. It is a lie that an intense fossil of lynx feces at the Granny Pena site is the intellectual property of a founder there, a "nature conservationist" or a "scientist". "Conservation of nature" and "scientists" receive money from the Ministry of Environment and Water and European funds to collect primary data, fish feces, and claim that the findings belong to them. The findings are the property of the person who paid the STATE. If one wishes to carry out a scientific investigation in a given territory, one must first enter into a contract for this activity with the owner. Another type of relationship is related to the totalitarian periods of Bulgarian history, which do not exist at this time.

For reference:

1. There are no prohibition orders in any Member State, except Bulgaria, which can not be appealed before a court. The European Commission has not initiated criminal proceedings against the Member States that do not have such order in their laws.

2. In the Member States where the management of NATURA 2000 sites has been adopted, only two entities have been set up: on the one hand, the state represented by the MOV as the competent authority and, on the other hand, the owner-owners property, hunting, fishing, sports, branch and all types of property users in protected areas. The competent authority determines the conservation measures and negotiates directly with the owner or user or is consulted and adopted unanimously by the Advisory Councils, which include the owners / users. The scientific organizations negotiate their activities separately with the state and the owner / user. Outside of this management, nature conservation organizations and other public benefit organizations monitor sustainable development and respect for the rights of nature, man and the economy combined. Against those Member States that already have a way of managing Natura 2000 sites, we have previously indicated the ways in which the European Commission has not initiated any criminal proceedings.

3. Excerpt from the European Commission on the percentage of protected areas within the territory of the Member State

United Kingdom-8.6%
Denmark – 8.4%
Sweden – 13.4%
The Netherlands-13.3%
Czech Republic – 14.1%
Austria – 15.4%
Italy – 19%, and so on.

Recently accepted Member States:

Let us ask ourselves if we are screwed by the triple coalition, assisted by the neoliberal extremists "nature conservationists" who have given us the percentage, or are they proud to have given us the percentage of biodiversity?

The responsibility of the Bulgarian people is the responsibility of the state. It would no longer be justified by the "strongest green" or the European Commission, because the European directives and the European Commission are responding to some politicians who are talking.