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From the National Association "Bulgarian Black Sea Coast" we will file a collective claim under the Law on the Liability of the State and Municipalities for Damages to Citizens and will file a signal under the Criminal Code to check whether the authorized persons Mr. Borislav Sandov, Mr. Toma Belev, Mr. Andrey Kovachev and Mr. Radan Kanev are to blame for the victims of accidents in the Kresna Gorge.

          From the National Association "Bulgarian Black Sea Coast" we created an e-mail address to which we invite relatives and friends of those killed and injured in accidents in the Kresna Gorge to send us information and join the lawsuit. The claim will be under Art. 1 of the Law on the Liability of the State and Municipalities for Damages, which reads: "The state shall be liable for the damages caused by illegal acts, actions or inaction of their bodies and officials".
          Those responsible for the victims of the most dangerous road across Europe must be held accountable, whether they are public authorities or individuals. All those who, through action or inaction, are to blame for the failed construction of the highway through the Kresna Gorge must be held accountable for the victims and the wounded.
          We express our condolences to the relatives of those who died on June 28, 2022. two of our compatriots on the "path of death".
          Do they feel guilty about the lives taken:
o The current Minister of Environment and Water has resigned, Mr. Borislav Sandov, who recently stated that "the cause of my life for 20 years is to preserve biodiversity in the Kresna Gorge and I will not allow a highway to cross there." But he did not say a word that hundreds were killed and injured this time.
o Deputy. The Minister, Mr. Toma Belev, head of the National Council for Biological Diversity, who, by creating administrative tricks, blocked and sabotaged the adopted procedures for creating the documentation for issuing permits for the construction of the Struma Motorway through the Kresna Gorge.
o Mr. Andrey Kovachev, current advisor at the Ministry of Environment, who constantly sends false information to the European institutions in order to lobby in favor of a Swiss company.
o Mr. Radan Kanev, MEP from Democratic Bulgaria. He, in collaboration with the green party eco-coalition "For Nature to Remain in Bulgaria", in which activists are the entire current leadership of the Ministry of Environment and Water, tried to push through the European Parliament to stop the construction of the Struma Motorway through the Kresna Gorge.
          The collective action will be for a significant amount to teach state institutions to work in the interests of citizens and not to cowardly comply with the mercantile interests of pseudo-environmentalists. For the above persons, the competent authorities should decide whether they are criminally liable, because everyone must be personally responsible for their actions.