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The president did not want to hear 1 million Inhabitants

The president prefers selling ecologists and did not want to hear 1 million. Inhabitants in Bulgarian Black Sea coast


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Author: Boryana Tencheva


We want to be heard, because no green extremists to block coast

Members of the new National Association of Black Sea-citizens for sustainable development of the Black Sea regions, which was created a few days ago in Pomorie and protect the interests of thousands of landowners on the sea, were not allowed today to a meeting of President Rosen Plevneliev with representatives of the protesters and NGOs. People from Pomorie and Nessebar were left at the doors of the Presidency, because they wanted to be heard, they do not want the development of the Black Sea to be blocked because of environmental organizations, whose activities are funded by European funds to develop without real benefit. Here's what you said the chairman of the association Dimitar Kanarievi after the unsuccessful attempt of people to meet Plevneliev
- Mr. Kanarievi, today you are in Sofia and insisted to attend the consultations with President Rosen Plevneliev to imagine thousands of people who have land near the sea. We understood that you were not admitted to the meeting, why?
- Do not give us any explanation from the presidency, we made an effort to go to this meeting, but the minutes gave us, without us highlight any specific reasons. They do conceded that automatically means that refused to hear the opinion around 1 million. Inhabitants on Bulgarian Black Sea coast. We wanted to protect our livelihood and interests of civil society in the sea. We wanted our voice to be heard, but gave us this opportunity.
- In return, they were among the invited environmental organizations and other long-standing structures. How would you comment on the meeting participants, there will be any real benefit from the work of the possible future Public Council?
- I have no idea how people are selected. Maybe have some lobbying methods to communicate with those in power, in the case of the President, which did not surprise us as mean his remarks that in this crisis situation in the country one of the priorities is a moratorium on construction along the Black Sea coast, not only on the dunes, and in terms of making a nature park "Black Sea". This directly affects people on Bulgarian Black Sea coast, it affects not only builders, but also farmers, salt production and tourism. Each development will be limited. We are against such prohibition regimes that impose environmentalists.
- Your association is brand new, from which industries people come into it?
- On each social group and each branch - landowners, heirs to the estate, farmers, sports and sailing clubs, hunters, representatives of the tourism industry and others.
- After the failure of today's experience to meet President will take any other action?
- We continue to insist on our demands. We will turn to the president with a letter in which you formulate exactly our proposals and will cite them. We want our voice to be heard. We are tired of 24 years of plundering of the Black Sea coast of nomenclature comrades, then by goons. Then the big corporate interests possessed area that led to the imposition of public opinion that the Black Sea is overbuilt. Perhaps it is not without reason, but in certain cases. We want sustainable development of the Black Sea, which gives 1/3 of gross domestic product and food half the country, and gives bread to many people. They can not ignore us in any way.
- In fact, you want to be able to freely use their land?
- We want to use the normal citizenship rights. Moratoria and declaring a national park just restrict our rights especially in their part for the use of private property that is ours. How for example can sell a land where its value is no, once on it nothing can be done at the discretion of environmentalists. It now has a problem man to plant a vineyard or to replace tile of the house. Everything has to ask environmentalists and determine whether they are in a good mood to make our resolve. Moreover I did not know if representatives of some environmental organizations have to call them environmentalists or green extremists. I do not want to offend professional environmentalists, who really care about nature. But those who want through lobbying methods to enforce our announcement of a national park on the Black Sea are an industry to absorb European funds. I will give an example what caused an escalation of tension among us and it is building on an island in Lake Pomorie by the organization "Green Balkans". There is no way an environmental organization to do a protected area island on the pretext that nesting birds without an assessment of environmental impact without explores how this will affect the healing mud, which can be covered with soil and be damaged.