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A child gets 455 lv, a goose - 746 lv a year from state steam

In reference to the national Statistical Institute in 2014. in Bulgaria were born 67,585 babies. Dimitar Kanarievi - Chairman of NABCH consult the national budget allocations on child allowances. Average child falls in 455 lv. and Newborn unit aid provided by the state is 30 million. Lv. On the other side is chervenugushata goose wintering in Bulgaria and eats sown wheat. Therefore, farmers in the country have requested 50 million. Lev subsidies Fund "Agriculture". This means that to feed a Red-needed 746 lv
According to the Association of agroecological farmers whole scheme could "swallow" 220 mln. Levs
We NABCH ask the Ministry of Agriculture and Food and the Ministry of Environment and Water:
how a goose, which weighs 1.5 kg consumes 2.4 tons of grain to stay in Bulgaria for several months?
And how many and which grain will absorb this money?
All these shenanigans were painted green mafia in Bulgaria. If someone asks what purpose, then the answer is: a lot of geese - a lot of money for their counting money from conservation programs chevenogushite geese, many money monitoring Redbreasts and mastics attract grain to the cause of green racket.