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Cities must become laboratories for sustainable solutions


Zam. Minister of Ecology Atanas Kostadinov:
 "Cities must become laboratories for sustainable solutions"


"Cities must be laboratories bear ideas for sustainable development. I am optimistic that a modern city can generate solutions that should be very specific. The great challenge facing us all is how to preserve nature in a strong human pressure, and the places where we live, are those in which nature and man most face. that said Deputy Minister of ecology Atanas Kostadinov the guests of an international conference on sustainable cities held in "Sofia hotel Balkan" . He added that the pride of Europe as the birthplace of the medieval city must have caused the people of the old continent are most active, making them the most responsible for this to preserve harmony with nature. "serious I am optimistic that pride of Europe will make her behave most responsibly, "concluded the Minister.
 Mayors and experts from 36 French and Bulgarian municipalities, public servants, academics from universities and business representatives shared best practices and shared their mutual problems.
 The forum, organized by the Bulgarian Association for Sustainable Development (Baur) and the Balkan Centre for Sustainability and Ecoengineering, and in partnership with the Bulgarian Association of Water (BWA) and the National Association "Black Sea", presented successfully implemented in France, and particularly Cote d' Beach, projects, and opportunities for financing of such country. How small municipalities are grouped and converted into metropolises and the first one on the Riviera told Claudine Terazoni Biblok, a professor at the University "Sophia Antipolis" (Nice), Deputy Mayor of Tourette Lyuvans. Catherine SEE, director general of the municipality Gras presented its experience of planning territories in their urbanization to the development of tourism.
 Jobs of the Future spoke prof. Eric Dyumets, director of the Institute of Environment, Risk Management and Sustainable Development at the University of Nice, who presented a pilot project linking educational institutions, research centers and industry.
 In Sofia was also chairman of the employers' union of hotel and restaurant on the Cote d'Azur Michelle Chan, owner of hotels and municipal councilor in Nice.
 The turmoil of the mayor of Shabla that 40 percent of the resort Natura and prohibition regimes literally block the development, visitors from France explained that there stopping projects but ultimately decisive accepted the will of the local population. Something in us dream of almost all municipalities.
 The lack of general plans blocked Bulgarian cities and they can not think of sustainable development, the mayors said.

Yani Simeonov - Coordinator of the "National Association of Black Sea" zve participation in the conference by saying: "First of all I would like to express our thanks to four French representatives and especially to the two ladies for their impressive and competent reports without doubt us rich. they show how forward in their development can reach modern European municipalities when working actively coordinated.
 Let me tell you that what you told us sounds like unreal, imaginary, science fiction. Why? Because in this respect Bulgaria is under the influence of forces that stop the development of regions and localities.
 Ms. Raina Bardareva, Mayor of Shabla actually lay out in detail the problems facing their development and ask the question that we wanted to ask you.
 Since this conference presupposes discussion will afford to briefly extend its following spoke. Please excuse me if I sound too emotional or violate in any way the good manners.
 Probably you not know that for many years most of the Black Sea municipalities operate without approved Master Plan. What sustainable development then we can talk, and did what development !?
 Probably asking yourself why. So here I will mention a group of people who definitely interfere with the modern development of settlements in the country. These are the so-called "green" or those pretending to be particularly concerned about nature in Bulgaria. These are different organizations, foundations, associations and the like, usually NGOs that literally privatized environmental activities in Bulgaria through various actions put pressure on the population.
 More than 37% of the territory of our country is protected area. Perhaps this is a global or at least European record. Maybe Ecumenical record! Bulgarians love nature and take care of her. That certain economic interests are violated ecological balance in the country and although a significantly lesser extent continue to violate it today is not the occasion to display continuous "green hysteria". These individuals and organizations, concealing behind the green mask, most "green" family clans, and financial pyramids, over the years have created a vast network of corruption in public administration. They siphoned national and European funds often becomes strange and ridiculous-sounding projects with the help of officials and managers utilize large resources in any apparent environmental programs. The resources for a considerable part of these programs come from the EU and also a way for the Union to be siphoned off by corrupt influential persons in different, very plausible disguised corruption schemes. Of course, the Bulgarian "green" receive their deserved share of their foreign masters.
 You might be surprised by the fact that almost all the numerous "green" the NGO in Bulgaria are managed by the same people. In fact, it turns out that these are no more than a few dozen people to several hundred artists gravitating around them and attack squads. So we can definitely say that our country operates a small but powerful "green" mafia "green octopus" a cancer, metastasis spread its hidden power everywhere.
 Under their influence (actually a few hundred protesters in the city center) recently Bulgarian government official Bulgarian authorities othvaliha decision of one of the three independent sovereignty - the decision of the Bulgarian court of highest instance on the general plan of Strandzha. We are talking about one of the fastest Shrinking, aging and impoverished regions of Bulgaria. Of course, the Bulgarian nature in need of protection. But why divisible nature, flora and fauna of the people? Land, plants and animals you will only preserve? People also need protection. Of normal living conditions and development. The life and livelihood of people in need of protection. Above all, we need something very urgently - economic reserves for humans.
 We sincerely hope that this European conference will help.
 But under current conditions, however we want, we can mention that in practice in Bulgaria can be applied ecological approach to urbanization of areas. No matter how experienced and advanced in business, our French friends will not be able to perform in Bulgaria anything from what they did in France.
 We are talking about a serious and growing offensive of "green octopus" cleverly disguised behind concern for nature. For them it is important to learn any money on eco-programs and to report on documents utilized. Have personal control over as much as possible larger areas, including over modern ideas and plans for modern and harmonious development of cities and towns to be able to perform in more thefts ..
 Yes, Bulgarian cities require green-minded people, from environmentalists, from a scientific approach, as well as volunteers. There is much to be done in our cities environmentally. Alas, the greens do not see a place there. They simply are not exactly where they are most needed. Because it is in the cities are the real environmental problems that require hard work and personal commitment. Each of the questions raised for sustainable development of our cities need real ecological highly professional approach.
 Dear ladies and gentlemen,
 Please do not forget and always keep in mind that your wonderful ideas and plans will be threatened not by the true ecologists and friends of nature rather than fake "green" groups with great influence in state and municipal administration, which will attempt to blackmail and protection racket in a variety of ways to insert in your activities and your way with any means to perform his noble work on turning our cities into heavy-modern structures of human life. "