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To cook hodgepodge on the beach

Until a few days ago called. "Driving beach" was frashkan with naturalists who had abandoned its narrow apartments in dusty towns and enjoying the nature and morentseto only at arm's length from the waves. They love nature, but as her love, yet convenience is another thing, especially if you parked powerful jeep and trailer or camper Nowicki her on top of a dune. Free of course, because the dunes and the beach are exclusively state property, and as we know our country is not very good owner. It's like someone to sit in your yard and called environmentalist and this is his ticket to paradise.
So day after day, plazhche evening before the camper of beer, but life is not just nature. Comes to preperesh clothes, throwing them into a makeshift space. Goodwife will cook your favorite medley and peelings and leftovers-buried in the sand on the same dune that stands below the number in a list of a ministry that is protected. Still you will be revenue toilet, doing his toilet with three car and a piece of calico, may tarpaulins, digging a hole for a latrine, in the same dune that list and relieve quiet day after day. Lest they accuse you oaf, perch of Nowicki camper Bulgarian flag and the European flag, which gently sway while your wife confused your favorite cooked meal on the gas burner directly, completely environmentally friendly of that same dune between the dry trevolyatsi.
Idyll. But would not!
One sunny July day you wake up and see the way by which you came it was closed. Uniformed officers and visiting neighboring tents, campers and caravans and warn that camping on the sand dunes is not desirable, it is even forbidden. Why was dzhanam I'm Environmentalist! I love nature, so I chose this piece place- one side protected area "Alepu" with you there my various fauna and flora of the other country morentseto and I- middle, kitchen dune on favorite from that list.
Sea pa Will they tell me where will sunbathers! I love nature and I have a favorite dune on which I have brought albeit on a smaller scale than the narrow apartment, dusty city.
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