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There are no eco problems in Rila, they are along the BS beaches

There are no eco problems in Rila, they are on the beaches along the Black Sea coast




With great attention, the three leading electronic media reflected the childish occurrence of the Seven Rila Lakes, where a dozen of emotional youths came to their knees in Lake Bliznaka and played national folk dance.


This is not about admiration, but not for to point young criminals. This violation was so detailed and one-sidedly covered by the leading televisions that the mass spectator had the impression that there was a real ecological apocalypse in Rila. In fact, nothing like this happened, its lake was the same, no pollution, and no damage. We do not exonerate the young people, pay with the organizers the fine. But the real problem of pollution is on the beaches, from Durankulak to Rezovo.


On the strip of almost 400 km there are dozens of illegal wild-camping sites with thousands of wild-loving free Bulgarians, and now many foreigners. There are more and more such camps on the Black Sea coast, which not only create mountains of junk and faeces but also cut the forest near the beaches. Along with cars, caravans, tents and motorhomes, they are also located in state, municipal and private properties.


They have become a real disaster for nature, locals, but also for other tourists. Alcohol and drugs are poured in huge quantities. No order and observance of elemental hygienic rules. The state and municipal services are absolutely powerless against the hordes of the wild. Police have abdicated and are unable to cope with this type of "culture."


Dear leaders, owners and journalists of the three electronic media, we hope that as responsible national institutions, with the attention and energy you have devoted to the Rila folk dance, you will similarly reflect this self-management that is happening at sea coast. Unfortunately, in the last few years, none of the three leading media have dared to broadcast a minute of criticism about this, in fact, enormous environmental and legal problem. You left us, the local people, without any support, to cope with this vandalism.


The media is why when the state is powerless or unwilling to enforce the law, journalists force it to do so.


We hope you will react, and we are committed to pointing you to all the illegal white-collar campsite camps and helping you objectively reflect what is happening at sea. But if you do not, it means addictions that do not fit into public and national media.


National Association "Bulgarian Black Sea"


Picture of the publication: Source Wikipedia, author: Krasimira Decheva - kdecheva