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Emil Georgiev: Prokopiev activated his servants

Emil Georgiev, chairman of the SC "Ecoglastnost":
Prokopiev activated his servants
It would be a pity and a shame if people who execute orders of the oligarchy, take in the European Parliament ostensibly to protect the green cause

Nikolay Kotsev
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- Mr Georgiev, how would you comment on the list of PP "Green" for the European elections, which is headed by Atanas Chobanov, followed by Daniela Bojinova?
- With interest watched the attempts of so-called. "Green" to draw attention to himself. It is indisputable and it is clear to everyone that they were those directed by Ivo Prokopiev are the face of all the so-called. eco protests since last year. These protests continue and now simply are occasions for them - whether it's Strandzha, whether it is Karadere does not matter because the organizers of these protests are one of the biggest manipulators of society. Everything is done with the task greens become interesting before the forthcoming European elections. And the goal is actually to perform the contract of their masters. It is well known that the financial benefactor of GOP "Green" is exactly Prokopiev and they themselves perform its interests and political orders of GERD. So it is the greatest activation before elections driver leaves - Mr. Chobanov, who is also publisher of the site "Buffalo." All active green we know of protests are surrounded by oligarch Prokopiev and use seemingly noble cause of preservation of Bulgarian nature to push their personal financial interests and those of their mentors. It is a pity that such actions undermine these people truly noble idea of ​​environmental protection. And if now the Bulgarian people viewed with mistrust of the green cause, this was due to them. Green participated in dozens of combinations for personal gain and I could give you dozens of examples of that - counting dolphins, counting Sousliks. In this conspiracy involved the infamous Chairman of "Green Balkans" Toma Belev, his wife Veselka Kavrakova Andrey Kovachev Atanas Chobanov.
- How come these people? Related Does the green idea? Chobanov was a candidate MEP from the Blue Coalition, an immigrant in France, known among environmentalists Is our country?
- Absolutely unknown to these people. I say, these are people who just carry out orders and as such they are part of the circle "Capital", and if you will - from the entourage of the President. By handling these people gathered even petition for registration of the GOP "Green" - in the noble motive to preserve nature. They are world champions manipulation and collecting signatures. And therefore ask the following question: Where were these same green when the infamous oligarchs, whether Prokopiev, whether by "Dundee Precious" years inflicting great damage to the environment in our country? Silent! Now, after losing his patronage in power and unable to tap European funds they seek to win support.
- PP "Green" is activated along with Karadere case and plan of Tsarevo. What lies behind the seemingly noble causes to protect the Black Sea and Strandzha?
- I would like to emphasize very clearly - protests Karadere and Strandja are purely political and serve the interests of a political party GERB PP "greens" and those oligarchs who stand behind it. So are attempts to cause a public outcry. So far, as would Rules for park Strandzha. This lack of rules allowed the so-called "green" in every way to blackmail investors. But now there Rules, there regulated, there are rules and this prevents them from blackmail. So now crying - because they cut their mechanisms for extortion. The situation is similar for Karadere. The aim is to show how much they think about the environment while actually playing for their interests.
- However PP "Green" silent for ekokatastrofata "Kaolin" from which suffered and still suffers a whole town ...
- As mention "Kaolin" immediately think of Merichleri ​​and downright prick because there has done a great offense. And it was with the knowledge of the former Ministry of Environment, the former Ministry of Economy, the former Ministry of Agriculture. There were done enormous crimes - against private property, against public health. This is a painful issue for me because there encountered with deformed face of the green bodies. And it is in this connection ask - and why did the so-called "green" silent to such egregious violations, such as those in "Kaolin"? It is clear - because this is detrimental to their benefactors. We won the battle because Ivo Prokopiev sell "Kaolin" but problems remain Merichleri. So warned the new owners that will meet fierce resistance from us if we do not solve the problems there.
- "Green" demonstrate a very interesting tactic - if you put an MEP he would give half of his mandate and in its place will come second in the list. Is not that sort of splitting the pie and trade with the election results?
- If the "greens" put an MEP, I will become pope. Absolutely certain that I will not become pope. And "Green" MEP does not have another 50 years if they continue with their current behavior. It would be a pity and a shame if people who execute orders of the oligarchy, take in the European Parliament ostensibly to protect the green cause. Bulgarians and all the people who love nature, they know what serious damage caused by the so-called people. "Green". In order not to be ungrounded, I will give you an example. These hubavtsi we are talking about, did everything possible in "Natura 2000" to fall 34% from the whole territory of Bulgaria. Note that the European average is around 14%. In Germany, 8%, 9% in France, etc. This is done deliberately, so that green tarikat can extort people and are due in thrall to their own interests. Nowhere in the world is there such a huge protected area at us "Natura 2000". That's not bad, of course, on the contrary. But you have to protect nature where nature really. The "Natura 2000" as those fellows had included the cemetery of Varna. Then they felt that territory and get her out. But it shows what areas they want to "protect" - on the sea, ski-resorts. In a nutshell there where they can blackmail. The good thing is that the public is increasingly aware of these people. Remember counting dolphins for 3.5 million dollars. How to react to the "green" initiative of these same gentlemen counting hamsters in Sliven field, where a ground squirrel was estimated at 2,500 lev? This is the pension of one retiree for a year. Because of these actions circle around Andrei Kovachev, Toma Belev and MEP candidate Chobanov people are disgusted by green idea.