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Free people came out to protest

The difference between slaves and free people is one - free man owns property (real estate, intellectual, vocational training, etc.). Slaves have nothing or just a little bit, enought only not to starve.


On 24.11.2016 in Sofia property owners, investors and workers in the construction sector came to protest against the theft of their property. Against them came people who wanted to use their property for personal gain - to have a one million view, have lawns or in the worst case "parks" in size 500 square meters It is not wrong to want that. The appalling thing is that they not willing to pay.


By the same token and Roma brothers have to come up with a request to live in the apartments of those who possess such because they want furnished apartments, cold and hot water, sewage, heating, electricity, etc. Want meadows and Roma brothers can unite under the common banner of "environmentalists." Both to maintain clearings, while others will reduce the need for construction of new residential buildings in Sofia. This chaos would not be possible if the state is not intervening more and more in one of the first conscious activities of man - trade relations.


A country where people do not have guaranteed private property is close to the structure of bondage country. Semi-guaranted rights for free people semi-stability of administrative acts, semi-urbanization, semi-ownership of the environment, in two words part human - Semi-state. Who beat us in the minds of Bulgarians us that "Semi" is very well and why we liked it? - you all might think.


On 24.11.2016 the resigned Tourism Minister Mrs. Angelkova announced a sami-news - In the Tourism Act establishes a simplified regime for the construction of ski runs, lifts and ski lifts. Well done very well! But the honorable minister in resignation does not inform the rest of he semi-news that was traded on the ability to create camps of tents, campers and caravans on marine protected beaches and dune habitats without obligation for purifying water and providing minimal sanitary conditions. Semi-ministar, Semi-tourizam, Semi-ecology! Compromise solutions are not equivalent to Semi-solutions.


We NABBS urge Art. 17, para. 3 of the Constitution to be respected regardless of any circumstances to not sit as far as the Constitution slogan. We demand that the management of the environment is carried out exclusively by the property owner. We insist on the conditions that create rich free people building a free society. We welcome any public expression of free people combined.
The management board of the National Association "Bulgarian Black Sea"