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The minister of ecology Ivelina Vasileva in an interview for BTA


The new minister of ecology Ivelina Vasileva said in an interview for BTA:
60 mln. Euros (or 120 mln. Levs) will be earmarked specifically for clean air protection as a separate priority in the Operational Programme "Environment" for the new programming period.
Vassileva explained that these means municipalities will be able to carry out their programs measures to be implemented demonstration and pilot projects that make a real impact on improving the condition of the air. Moreover, in all operational programs contains measures relating to the improvement of public transport and buildings, which have a direct connection with pollution caused by energy producers.
MEW will try to present to the European Commission the final version of the new OPE by the end of this month (November 2014) Vassileva said and expressed hope operational program launched in early 2015
Will refer to the risk of losing funds under OPE for the 2007 - 2013 analyzes to date suggest that two funds - the Cohesion and European Regional Development Fund, it amounted to 140 mln. Euros to 205 million. Euros for this year. "That will be a loss, it is clear the issue is to minimize" he said in this connection Vasileva.
The first and most urgent legislative proposals that will initiate Ministry under the leadership of Vasileva, directly related to the implementation of European law and of criminal procedures are launched against our country.
Dams priority
According to the Minister it is important to define clearly the responsibility for hydraulic structures, dams - who is the owner, who is an operator, what are their responsibilities and functions. Must be separated and a national unit responsible for control of the technical condition of the dams. Throughout the country there are more than 2,000 dams that need to be monitored, repaired and maintained. This will soon become an amendment to the Water Act, promised Vasileva.
Provide for changes in the direction of prevention of flood risk and create safeguards to avoid problems associated with flooding.
Announcement of all protected areas by the end of 2015
According Vassileva is unrealistic announcement of all 235 protected areas under the EU directive on habitats by the end of 2014 .. "My priority is that the process started, and my ambition is to be completed by the end of 2015." she said. Already announced for public discussion draft of the five orders of protected areas in the EU directive on habitats. In another 40 project is completed technical preparation and will be published for public consultation until the end of 2014
According to Minister Ivelina Vasileva Bulgarian legislation provides adequate protection and guarantees for the protection of protected areas along the Black Sea coast. It is necessary to implement the provisions of the law. For the territory of the Black Sea coast, this means approval of orders declaring the protected areas with the relevant protection regimes, said Vasileva. This also includes the establishment of specialized cadastral maps of the dunes and the development and approval of the general development plans of municipalities along the Black Sea coast.
"With these prerequisites largely can be sure that nature will receive its protection. I am convinced that all efforts should be directed at those documents be accepted," said Vasileva.
Vasileva expressed reservations about the idea of ​​the establishment of the national park "Black Sea", which she said she would take a minimum of two years time will require the creation of a new administration at least 50 people, security, additional financial resources and the entire territory be exclusive state property . "We can be sure that there are enough safeguards and guarantees, and they are in our legislation," said Minister in this regard.
Easily handle five of penal procedures
According Vassileva Bulgaria can easily cope with the disappearance of five criminal procedures - those for non-compliance deadlines for transposition of the legislation. Measures that can be taken are related to the rapid movement of legislative changes and initiatives. Vassileva noted that open infringement procedures against the state are 12, one is "frozen" - this integrated system for waste management of Sofia Municipality.
The other seven are related to the implementation of the legislation. Among those hardest are those who are already in the trial phase - the case for Kaliakra and rehabilitation of old landfills.
There are procedures related to air quality, the most serious of these concerns pollution by fine particles in large settlements. "The abolition of this penalty procedure is associated with taking serious measures by municipalities and the state and allocating very serious financial resources. We hope not to reach the final stage, which is now associated with financial sanctions for the country," commented Vassileva .