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Dear Citizens, Pomorians, Friends.


We would like to share with you the conviction that the time is ripe to put our civic interests above everything and really express our position and our will on this important to our common problems - for preservation of violation of Pomorie Lake - World natural heritage and for us the greatest treasure of our city by private commercial interests of dishonest and foreign organizations. We have a moral right to do so because once the lake with its entire range of resources at all, we are first among equals and we must preserve and maintain its unique ecosystem for future generations, for our children. We have to keep our lake and its unique mud, because it is this that makes Pomorie world-famous spa resort, it shapes our tourist emblem. It makes possible our livelihood. I will not go into the technical rhetoric, but I would like to once again express outrage at the lack of assessment of environmental impact (EIA) in implementing the project for construction on the island for nesting birds with foreign money but personal benefit from a dubious "green" organization "Green Balkans". Why it's done so ?! In order for "green organization" to deal generally with the anthropogenic factor in the municipality of Pomorie, because EIA is required public discussion. No EIA no discussion, no anthropogenic obstacles to rapid implementation of the project and absorption both in this and in previous and future projects until it reaches a decision on reserve and Black Sea park - more money for projects and more "closed" and heavy regulations for people. This will directly affect every citizen will feel the lack of sustenance and sinking the region into decline. To avoid similar developments let PARTICIPANTS IN THIS GROUP AND ALL OTHER CITIZENS of Pomorie municipality to proceed with the creation of a civil association which through various initiatives to defend the general interest of the citizens, to be the voice of civil society Pomorie, to represent them before the responsible institutions , community councils, roundtables, etc., and serve as a sustainable development of the municipality. Never let our voice, and our opinion not be neglected by "some - NO." We need to come together to have Pomorie ONE BETTER FUTURE. We are the creators of this group, in this virtual network, rely on your real support to the recognized need within each of you to keep what is our city as resources, to consume wisely and develop it for the better.
Board of the National Association "Bulgarian Black Sea"