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Green Mafia committed subversion trial for Strandja


Green Mafia committed subversion trial for Strandja


National Association "Black Sea" bring today signal to the Prosecutor General of the Republic against the Green Mafia requesting specific individuals to be investigated for subversion of the judiciary, public order and the state and endangering national security. Suggestions can not be considered unchallengeable act of the judiciary is pure anarchism. The latest monitoring report on Bulgaria criticized for the pressure of political parties over the judiciary. From appearances in the media of the so. Called. "Ecologists" we see that the related political parties are trying, through media pressure, to imply disregard of a final court decision - a decision that was issued by the Supreme Court, which presumably is independent.
A general development plan of Tsarevo municipality is final and for the people in the whole municipality. It helps create rules that eliminate the possibility of ecological racketeering. Suggestions of handles that is built park "Strandja" are false, because it is a private land caught somehow on the territory of PP "Strandja" with a share of 0.007% of the territory of the park.
Here textiles Signal
Dear Mr. Attorney General,
Alerting you to dangerous organized subversion of democracy in the country, rule of law and against the established of the Constitution public order. It is done biased and targeted a group of persons associated directly or indirectly with environmental organizations and associations with their actions threaten national security. Specific reason for this signal have started protests against the judgment of the five-member panel of SAC concerning the plan of Tsarevo Municipality. The organizers of the protests are calling society to riots and civil disobedience and suggest not to comply with the legal acts of the Supreme Court. Using mass media, the same individuals consistently suggest that behind this and other judgments stand corrupt practices. The organizers of these protests publicly and openly demonstrate anarchism and manipulate their supporters to disregard the rule of law in the state. They say they will not allow plan of Tsarevo municipality to enter into force, which means that threaten to impede unchallengeable judicial decision of the highest court. Such actions lead to extremely dangerous derogation from the rules, law and order in the state. We believe that these events are organized subversion of the judicial system and against the state as a whole and threaten national security. Through the manipulation of public opinion attempt to influence through street pressure on the implementation of the Law and the impartial judgments of the Court.
We believe that the facts in the situation of Art. 108 of the Penal Code: "Whoever preaches fascist or other antidemocratic ideology or forcible change of the established by the Constitution of the Republic of Bulgaria public order shall be punished by imprisonment of up to three years or a fine up to five thousand Levs"
On the other hand all this leads to violation of the constitutional right to private property as the ultimate goal of the Master Plan is to regulate and guarantee the rights of private property owners on their lands. Contrary to the purpose of those organizing the protests is to deprive thousands of people the opportunity to dispose of their property on the grounds that it would endanger the environment.
Mr. Attorney General,
In connection with all of the above demand can order an investigation to determine the identity of all persons who organize and participate in the above-mentioned crimes against the Republic of Bulgaria. And held criminally responsible.
We demand more to perform inspection jointly with the Financial Intelligence Agency DANS to the origin of the funds of all organizers of anti-constitutional activities. We think it is imposed extremely important to be brought to light official income of these persons and their taxes. And be held accountable for the origin of their financial resources, as well as owned property.
We believe that it will apply the full extent of the law and protect the public interest and national security above all!

Board of the National Association "Bulgarian Black Sea"