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Another green manipulation. The government has caught again


Created hysteria around camping "South" and obsessive delusion to society that it comes to camping "Coral" is due to recent revelations about racketeering, carried out by "green" NGOs on the state, municipalities and developers.
Once it became clear that "green" NGOs block and sabotage the vital projects such as plant waste recycling and the third metro line, a group of stakeholders - "environmentalists" - tried and failed to do crisis PR at the back of Tsarevo municipality and state institutions. There are also suggestions that are built monolithic buildings on the beach and protected areas that Black Sea Coast Act does not allow projects in the 100-meter zone "A" behind the beach, while the truth is completely different - the area not protected areas and territories and this land is private property, with an effective urban territory three years before the existence of ZUCHK with legal and entered into force construction documents, including validated by a competent court.
Due to the fact that the property does not fall within a protected area, the motives of RIEW Burgas prohibiting the continuation of works on the project for construction of wooden bungalows having accurate records are inconclusive and will appeal to the Supreme Administrative Court issued act.
Five minutes takes reference page of the Ministry that near the property in question will NOT protected areas. This means that the Biodiversity Act and environmental assessments do not apply for their action to the project. Near the property NO and protected areas. The property dunes NO. By law - ZUCHK private property dunes NO in the provision of Art. 6, paragraph 4 sand dunes are public property: "Public state property that can not be declared private are beaches; embankments and coast protection systems and equipment for protection from the harmful effects of water, built in properties - state property outside the settlements; adjacent to the sea coastal lakes, lagoons, estuaries and wetlands; sand dunes; islands, including created as a result of human activity. " The law is clear, but someone still stubbornly looking calf under the ox and conducting a "witch hunt."
At a press conference given on 14.04.2015 laying in the Works Minister of Regional Development and Public Works Mrs. Lilyana Pavlova, familiarize citizens of the Republic of Bulgaria with a new term unknown in the legislation - "blowing sand." Under this new term would be reduced territories of the private estate of several companies. Reducing the territories of foreign properties can be done by: nationalization, seizure or expropriation. The first two are impossible in a civilized country in the European Union and the third method is inappropriate and unlawful in this case. Start and hasty procedures to increase the administrative burden on the construction sector, which is already in the opinion of local and foreign entrepreneurs is large and poorly structured.
Yes, on the Bulgarian coast there are many problems, but they are the result of the inaction of the government and lack of general plans of municipalities, rather than insufficient regulations for business.
Once again we express its strong opposition to ongoing attempts to present the Bulgarian summer tourism as declining or dying. Recall that Tourist flow to Bulgaria is growing at a much faster pace than the economy, and more than 2/3 of the rest of Bulgarian tourists in the country namely the Black Sea. If everything here was so bad, would it interest in our summer tourism products to grow annually?
Clearly oppose ekoreketa and ekorepresiite green octopus, which once again proved that it has nothing to do with ecology. The same people who mislead today Bulgarian society and state institutions were revealed conclusively as ekoreketyori, leaving every summer by "visits" in nature, over 100 tons of garbage a legacy of Tsarevo municipality, as evidenced not know nor where protected areas NATURA 2000 lie and mislead the public that camping "South" is camping "Coral" can not distinguish Bulgarian mountains of the Swiss photo can not recognize and dune pile of sand. Today these people mislead the entire society nose that 16 wooden bungalows on private property outside the beach with no sand dunes or protected areas in the vicinity are the number one problem of the state.
The court ruled that the building permit is lawful and must be fulfilled. Once again MEW placed above the law and an order revoked effective decision of the court, which is absolutely unacceptable. Therefore, we are considering to report it to the prosecutor's office against the official concerned, which does not comply with a court order.
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