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NABBS supports the amendment of the Agr. Land Conservation Act

National Association "Bulgarian Black Sea"
supports the amendment of the Agricultural Land Conservation Act

The parliamentary groups of United Patriots and GERB have proposed amendmend in the Agricultural Land Conservation Act. This change aims at a 3-year extension of the term for the realization of investment intentions of small and medium-sized landowners throughout the country who have changed the purpose of the land under the terms of this law.
When re-renting agricultural properties in urbanized areas until 2011, none of the small owners knew that the change in the purpose of the agricultural land, paid by him, fulfilled all the legal requirements, including EIA, permissions from RIEW and other acts will be canceled retroactively. The term according to the provisions of the ALCA for realization of specific investment proposals is 6 years, expiring on 23.05.2017. After this time, any changes in the purpose of the agricultural land shall be canceled. This act affects thousands of small real estate with small owners who will lose their invested money.
When in 2011, the parliament has accepted these time-bound constraints, has not sufficiently taken into account that the world and Bulgaria are experiencing an economic crisis. In the country, there were shocks associated with the bankruptcy of one of the largest banks, and this predetermined the real impossibility of a large number of small and medium landowners not being able to carry out their projects within the next six years.
In view of the above, the parliamentary groups of the United Patriots and GERB have tabled a draft law to extend the period from 6 to 9 years in order to give an opportunity for property owners to implement their projects, because now there is a better economic situation, banks are stable, economic growth and interest rates on loans are low.
Unfortunately, the biggest opposition party, the BSP, instead of supporting the law, which will surely influence positively and its voters too, decided to oppose it. Probably misled by some of the so-called "Environmental organizations", MEPs from BSP for Bulgaria came out on the grounds that this change only applies to the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. This is not true, because the Law on the Protection of Agricultural Lands is a law for the whole territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, not only for the Bulgarian Black Sea area. It is also not true that this amendment will allow uncontrolled development, because all properties have detailed development plans (PUP), which is a guarantee of control and compliance with the law.
We expect the opposition to be nationally responsible in order to allow and respect the deadline for adopting the amendments to the Agricultural Land Conservation Act. The extension of the three-year term will provide incentives, will support the economic activity of the small and medium-sized Bulgarian landowners and will give a strong positive signal to bulgarian and foreign investors.
We appeal to lawmakers not to succumb to the false statements of the so-called "Environmentalists" from the failed Green Party and media propaganda around the so called "Capital circle" and act responsibly by supporting a bill that will give a chance for the economic upturn of thousands of small and medium landowners and will encourage investment in the country.
The management body of 
National Association "Bulgarian Black Sea"
Our opinion is supported by the following organizations:
Civil Coalition "Nature for People and Regions";
National Association for the Protection of Property Owners;
National Civil Association "Nature for People";
Balkan Institute for Reconstruction and Development;
LP "Party of the Greens" (the real party);
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