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Tourism is one of the few industries that still operate in BG

National Association "Black Sea" expressed the following opinion: Tourism and related activities are one of the few industries that still operate in Bulgaria.


This sector of the economy brings real budget revenues, provides hundreds of thousands of jobs and steady income of over one million Bulgarian citizens. The adoption of such a moratorium would stop the sustainable development of the Black Sea region will lead to an outflow of local and foreign investment and the emergence of thousands of new unemployed in the country. Acceptance of the moratorium that they stop will be extremely important for the coastal municipalities started procedures and activities such as:
- The adoption of a plan of a large number of Black Sea municipalities. Only Bourgas region municipalities with incomplete procedures for adopting the Master Plan are - Nessebar, Pomorie, Sozopol, Primorsko and Tsarevo.
- Continuation of archeological excavations and their preservation. Territories within the zone "A" and "B" under the device on the Black Sea coast, is one of the richest areas of archaeological finds in Bulgaria.
- Concession of beaches, procedures for leasing in 2014.
- Continue and launch new private business projects in area "A" and "B" in ZUCHK.
Violation and hampered private investment expectations are under scrutiny by the European Commission. For violations of these rights court in Strasbourg has condemned repeatedly Bulgaria and other EU countries. We can provide you with statistics condemning cases of Strasbourg exactly this case.
These consequences will lead to the collapse of the economy in the Black Sea and will benefit directly competitive with Bulgaria countries such as Greece, Turkey, Spain and others. We note the Committee on investments as design, that on the territory of the Bulgarian Black Sea so far imposed very restrictive and prohibitive modes:
- Over 70% of the Black Sea in protected areas Natura 2000 reference Annexed
1 - Map of protected areas
- Over 30% of protected areas in Bulgaria are in the territory of the Black Sea municipalities, reference Annexed
2 - List of Protected Areas
- Prohibitions and restrictions in zone "A" and "B" (two-kilometer zone parallel to the Black Sea coast, starting from the Romanian border and ending the border with Turkey) Reference apply annex 3 art. 7 Art. 10, art. 11, art. 15 and Art. 17a.
- Restrictions in Area "A" and "B" annual increase, for consultation last amendment of ZUCHK March 2013., For consultation apply as Annex 4 Art. 4, Art. 6, Art. 7 and entirely new "Chapter Two. Granting concessions for sea beach. "
Assuming the moratorium to all of the above prohibitions will be added prohibitions on National Parks (refer to the legal provisions for National Parks as Annex 5).
Therefore, we suggest you do not agree with the proposal for a moratorium in that state. With a view to avoiding negative consequences described above, we recommend extensive public consultation before submission to the hall, with representatives of both the Black Sea municipalities - their mayors and local civic associations and stakeholders. Upon refusal of the Commission to comply with our proposals and to preserve the dignity of importers, the citizens of the Black Sea and the independence of the Republic of Bulgaria suggest you take the following draft resolution:
1.Spira order, change of use and construction at state land in urban and izvanurbaniziranite areas falling under Art. 6 para. 4 and par. 5 within the development zones "A" and "B" under the device on the Black Sea coast, except for cases of infrastructure projects of national importance and paramount public importance and objects of art. 6 para. 4 and par. 5, which may be needed for a call for concession and lease in 2014.
2. Within one month the Council of Ministers: a) submit a financially viable program award manufacture of specialized maps for objects of art. 6 para. 4 and par. 5 ZUCHK. b) to submit a report on landed properties - private or public property of the state, enshrined within the development zones "A" and "B" in Art. 6 para. 4 and par. 5 Law on Spatial Black Sea coast.
3. The duration of the restriction under p. 1 to the elaboration and adoption of specialized maps for objects of art. 6 para. 4 and par. 5 ZUCHK but not more than 12 months.
4. Forcing the Ministry of Environment and Water 12 months to conduct a study and prepare a proposal to create a protected area "Black Sea". Preparation of the proposal for the scope and boundaries of the protected area "Black Sea" to be based on a broad and comprehensive public debate.

Board of the National Association "Black Sea"