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The statement of Mr. Yani Simeonov - Coordinator of the National Association "Bulgarian Black Sea coast", the meeting in the Council of Ministers with the Prime Minister Mr. Plamen Oresharski, in the presence of the Minister of Environment and Water Ms. Iskra Mihaylova:
- Dear Mr. Prime Minister, dear Madam Minister, dear present, for the record - Yani Simeonov, of the National Association "Bulgarian Black Sea coast." Mrs. Mihaylova, with your ministry and you work very well by you created Public Council. Voice of organizations and citizens is heard and abide by it. We contradictions, but we have no conflicts.
We are here to express the position of the people living along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, in particular the owners of land on the Black Sea. Not only in the region of Strandzha. Because what is now valid for Strandja, tomorrow will become the rule valid for the entire coast - conversion of municipalities into reserves for psevdozeleni goals, which will follow ubiquitous economic regress in the Black Sea region.
We are witnessing disregard the decision of one of the three independent sovereignty - the decision of the Bulgarian court of highest instance. Sporadic protest disrespect. Unfortunately, the government saw an opportunity to use this case to make any discount in terms of big prodarzhitelni protests. A good tactical move. However, stepped in something. As sound - to sacrifice Strandja. Because this protest does not threaten the power to such an extent as others, but the current government decision will be noted by the EU as something positive. So the government and several hundred of the "occupation protesters" stood to one side, not one viewpoint and position, and one side of the barricade. Against the people of Strandzha and the Black Sea. Against the decision of the Bulgarian court, resulting in possibly 7 thousandths of Strandja will be allowed a controlled construction in favor of disappearing people there. Against that people will finally can feel real owners of their land taken away from communism.
Of course, Strandzha need of protection. But why divide the mountain people? Land, plants and animals you will only preserve? People living there also need protection. The life and livelihood of people in need of protection. We are talking about one of the fastest Shrinking, aging and impoverished regions of Bulgaria. Where summer tourism is only a temporary means of survival. The idea of ​​the Ministry for the Court of biosphere reserve is wonderful. But now there is need of something more urgent - economic reserve for humans.
We will mention the Turkish nuclear power plant, which is scheduled to be built in the region of Strandzha. But it can also be any major construction project or any CONSTRUCTION on the Turkish side, where we have no control. Because if this plant is built, then all we are talking about now for and against, whatever our position goes down the drain. Regardless of which side of the border, the border is only conditionally concept. The local population was the first in the country who gathered to express their concern. The people there care about nature and know how to protect it, because for them life and nature are one and the same. These people are there for thousands of years, and will not destroy the mountain in any way. Where were the voices of those who are now protesting in defense of Strandja. It is very easy to protest in the city center, especially from people who never set foot and will not set foot there.
Now not talking about political and environmental nationalization, particularly for pseudo-ecological. For advance of "green octopus" cleverly disguised behind concern for nature. These same psevdozeleni NGOs with their family metastasis financial clans. For them it is important to learn "some money for some programs" and to report on documents digest, particularly harvested. Have personal control over as much as possible larger areas to be able to engage in more guerrilla incursions. They only have outdoor green chameleon coloration of contact with the "green" money.
With this import statement to the Prime Minister, Mr. Plamen Oresharski OPINION OF THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION "Bulgarian Black Sea" in connection with the case "Strandja".