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    NABBS signed a contract for a NATURA 2000 project in the Burgas

    On 31.07.2020 NABBS signed an administrative contract for granting financial aid for the implementation of project BG16M1OP002-3.019-0017 "Shared vision for the ecological network Natura 2000 in the region of Burgas" under procedure BG16M1OP002-3.019 "Shared vision for…

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    Lets map the wild campers! 2015

    Ιn 2015 the work of NABBS on the project "Let's map the wildcampers" continued. After two years of insistence, signaling the institutions and raising the issue publicly, the state in the face of the Forestry Executive Agency at the Ministry of agriculture, food and…

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    Lets map the wild campers! 2014

    Over 20 illegal camps churn out infections at the BG seaside