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Lets map the wild campers! 2015

Ιn 2015 the work of NABBS on the project "Let's map the wildcampers" continued. After two years of insistence, signaling the institutions and raising the issue publicly, the state in the face of the Forestry Executive Agency at the Ministry of agriculture, food and forestry granted the Association's request for an official state inspection in the forest and agricultural territories along the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast for the presence of diasporas and damaging actions.


In connection with an official signal of the National Association Bulgarian Black Sea to the FEA and in compliance with the Order № BG-426 / 24.07.2015 of the FEA, a number of inspections were carried out on coastal sites - forest and agricultural territories in the Varna, Dobrich and Burgas districts. The inspections were aimed at identifying possible violations - illegal logging, burning of fires during the fire season and others by self-settling wild-campers.


The commission, which carried out the inspections, took part of the staff of the FEA, the Ministry of the Interior, the Regional Inspectorates of Environment, the affected municipalities, representatives of NABBS and others. The level of organization set up, coordination between the various institutions and the overall management of the inspection was at an extremely high level of professionalism. The inspection were also attended by employees of the relevant regional forestry administrations, which were involved in drafting protocols and acts of infringement detection.


Despite the harsh conditions of their conduct - the threats, the insults and the arrogance of the offenders, as well as many other wild-camping people, the employees of the various institutions kept their temper and calmness as accurately and with the necessary attention they did their job.


On behalf of the Management Board and the members of the National association Bulgarian Black Sea, we express our highest appreciation of the professionalism of all the employees involved in the inspections.


Also, we highly appreciate the attention of the structures and employees of the Ministry of Agriculture, food and forestry to this nasty and growing phenomenon of "wildcapming", as well as the preventive actions taken by the FEA ​​to determine the scale, the damages and the risks it carries.


On the basis of field observations, officials have identified the phenomenon of "wildcamping" as a national problem that requires many institutions to work continuously, including changes in the legal framework (see the Report of the FEA ​​and the Protocols of the Verification in Attachments to publication).


On the other hand, considering the considerable interest in camping, as a tourist product, the commission needs to analyze existing legislation and propose its amendment to ease the procedures and conditions for the construction of new camps, meeting current world standards.


You can also look at the NABBS presentation on "The unfavorable impact of "wild-camping" on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast" (see attachments to the publication).


You can follow the photos HERE